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Guitar Chords Generator

Control Bar


You can turn the capo on and off like a real guitar, which will raise the pitch of any open strings. You can save chords made with a capo.

Right or Left Handed:

Choose to display chords in right handed or left handed mode. This preference is saved for your next visit.


Select your volume level, this is a stored preference.


When using the Strum button, this controls the speed, this is a stored preference.

Electric or Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic is loaded by default, but you can select electric, or go between the two. this is also stored.


This shows the notes that are playing at any time on the guitar fretboard. (notes that can be either Sharp '#' or Flat 'b' but sound the same are both displayed. In music notation the key of your song would determine how you choose if the note is sharp or flat.


if you leave the guitar in standard tuning 'standard' will be displayed here. You can edit the tuning to 4 semitones up and down from standard. You can save chords with alternative tunings. The tuning preference will not be saved and will return to standard when you return. The actual chord library is in standard tuning so this feature is just for your own experiments and won't change the normal operation.

General Guitar

The 'O' and 'X' buttons at the top allow you to mute or unmute strings.

You can change the fret position using the arrows at the top left of guitar.

When a chord is selected, you will see suggested finger numbers, that can be used. You can drag and drop the markers to make your own custom chords.

These custom chords can also be saved to 'mychords'. If a some markers show the same finger number. This means to barre the strings at the particular fret.

The Save button allows you to store guitar chords into the 'mychords' area.

To play individual strings hover between the bottom of the fretboard and bottom of the guitar, to see arrow buttons.

The Strum button allows you to hear the chord currently on the guitar.

Chord Search

If you create a custom chord, the display changes to '?' and a 'search' >> button appears. If you click here we will try to find the name of the chord and also show alternative names for the chord.


Here you can see a list of currently available chords, select from the Root and then the Type, these will be displayed on the guitar fretboard. If you think a chord should be listed here that we don't have, then please let us know.


If you select a chord directly from the Chordbook, you can also search for inversions or voicings. Strictly speaking, an inversion contains one instance of each note, whereas a voicing can contain multiple instances of each note. If you make a custom chord, the inversion button will not display.

My Chords

This area allows you to store up to 36 chords. If the chord is a custom chord it is displayed as user1 etc. When stored you can drag and drop the chords to different places in the grid. To hear a chord you can just click on it once.
To hear all the chords in sequence, click the play button at the bottom of the chord grid. Here there is also a stop button and a loop button, so you can repeat a chord sequence and watch it play on the guitar. To delete an individual chord, drag it to the trash area below the grid.