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Online Guitar Chords, Scales, Tuner web apps and more from Chordbook.Com

With our online web apps you can intuitively learn guitar chords, scales and tunings online at your own pace. Choose from, we think, the web's most attractive online guitar interface to explore the world of chords and scales and learning the guitar. Also check out our learn guitar section where we have videos for beginners and some introductions to basic music theory.

Choose Your Guitar, Electric or Acoustic, Left or Right Handed!

We have expertly sampled an electric and an acoustic guitar to provide you with sounds. Choose your guitar settings at any time using the menu item at top right of this page. As well as the interactive chord, scales and tuner apps, the chord diagrams on information pages use these sounds as well.

Save Your Chords and Playback another time

Check our feature MyChords where you can save chords you have selected or created on the Chords application. You can play these back in a sequence and store this for your next visit and you don't even need to be a member.

Keep it Simple

Learning to play guitar well is a big task, but Chordbook.Com is about cutting through the jargon and presenting you with great well designed web apps to help you on your way. Have fun and don't get weighed down by where you want to be with your playing, just focus on moving forward and learning a step at a time.

Guitar Video Lessons

Check out the new video section as Steve Baker takes you through some guitar lessons for beginners. More videos and instruction to come.

Works Everywhere, Mobile Friendly

Well pretty much!. This new version of the site will work on anything from Desktops, Laptops, iPads, Tablets, Phones etc. custom mobile views for the app pages are being developed so that will be along in the near future. We are also looking ahead to develop for the latest modern browsers.

Change Fret, Put on Capo

Yep, most things you can do on a real guitar, you can do here, except break a string.

Join Us!

We have a membership area, at the moment you can use the Forum and we have big plans for this so we will keep you posted on new developments.

Also you can now visit and like/follow/hangout with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


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